Best Move

Reviews From Our Happy Clients

  • Your company did a decent job helping me move from N1 last week. Nothing too special but it wasn’t bad either. I would hire you again if I ever have to move again!

    Lilly Watts
  • I didn’t want another bunch of rude workers coming and telling me how to move my house. I saw an ad on the Internet and read many reviews about how great Best Move is. I am impressed – five stars a must!

    Victoria O’Connor
  • With the helping hand of your company I was able to move from my old apartment to my new amazing home in just a day. Good job!

    Natasha Gibson
  • I bought a new furniture set for my living room from a guy off the Internet. And what do you know? Delivery not included. I couldn’t manage to collect it myself, so I chose to pay a couple of pounds extra to get Best Move to do it. I would definitely recommend to friends!

    Mrs. Hopkins
  • Moving from Morden to Finchley didn’t sound as a big challenge but the first day was just a nightmare. That’s when I decided to hire a company to help me. Thankfully, man and van were soon dispatched. We were done in no time and I didn’t break the bank in the making!

  • Moving out from my old apartment was the hardest thing to do in years. I have the (some would say childish) habit of collecting model airplanes. You have no idea how hard it is for me to entrust someone to even touch them, not even mention move them. The Best Move guys came fully equiped with enough bubble wrap to cover everything from here to Ireland, and managed to get my collection to the final destination without a single scratch. Thanks a million!

    Max Leonard
  • Best Move made my moving very very easy. My landlord was a real pain in the back sometimes and wanted everything to be in a perfect condition. Best Move’s end of tenancy service was perfect for the case. I got my 350 quid safety deposit back and left the apartment as good as new!

    Sam Jennings
  • End of tenancy cleaning, combined with a house removal service meant I’d be able to get a discount. For a moving student this really proved a great let-off. The tenancy inspection went without complications and my few belongings were transported safely.

  • Moved from West Ealing to Greenwich in a day and I doubt there is a better way for a moving day to pass. It was a piece of a cake, the packing, loading, transporting, an unloading.

    Kate Wilkinson
  • I’m glad the company offers storage services, otherwise I doubt I would have been allowed to spend a night at a hotel cramped with all my household items.

    Billy Cooke