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Reviews From Our Happy Clients

  • Moved from West Ealing to Greenwich in a day and I doubt there is a better way for a moving day to pass. It was a piece of a cake, the packing, loading, transporting, an unloading.

    Kate Wilkinson
  • I’m glad the company offers storage services, otherwise I doubt I would have been allowed to spend a night at a hotel cramped with all my household items.

    Billy Cooke
  • A friend of mine recommended I call Best Move and ask for storage services. I left a lot of my past home’s belongings at their place and retrieved them the next week.

  • We thought our office move would be a disaster, after all with so many items, furniture, and appliances how can it not be? Fortunately, me and my colleagues were wrong.

    Lola Jordan
  • One thing I’m truly grateful for Best Move responded on a very short notice. It might have been cheaper otherwise, but the man and van saved me in the long term.

    Mr. Gregory
  • We had to move office and Best Move made it so much easier than expected. The movers were very careful not to damage any of our office equipment.

    Josh Hayward
  • The Best Move guys did a great job for our office relocation. The whole move took around 2 days and there was nothing damaged at the end.

  • My wife thought this home relocation would be a nightmare, but fortunately, she was wrong. Thank you Best Move, I’d definitely recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.

    Tyler Bruce
  • They managed to pack my stuff and transport them in the shortest period of time. A lot of boxes, furniture and appliances were moved, but these guys kept it coming.

    Ellis B.
  • Great quality of service. I would definitely use Best Move again if I have to. The movers were very polite and helpful.

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