Why Does it Rain So Much in London?

Ever wondered why does it rain so much in England and in London in particular? Well, myth busted – it doesn’t. It’s a popular belief that London is a city constantly troubled by rain, storms and God knows what else. Through the power of meteorology and statistics we – the Best Move squad show you just why.

So Why Does it Rain in London?

First of all – how much does it rain in London? The average rainfall in the Big Smoke is roughly 740 millimetres per year, in meteorology terms. In basic language – that’s 105 days of clouds and rain. The rest is reserved for moderately nice weather and the soul crushing experience of having to ride the tube at 8 AM. Fear not, though. During the rest of the 259 days, you will have plenty of shiny days and the temperatures will rarely go bellow the freezing point.

Here’s the infographic, we made along with some fun statistics about the London weather. Moving here is never a dull idea. Remember to always call Us for some fantastic man with a van London services!


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