Questions to Ask a Landlord Before Renting

If you live in London, UK or another multicultural, cosmopolitan city you’re probably paying rent. While this is not necessary a bad thing, it’s very important for tenants to know their rights and responsibilities in order to protect themselves from shady landlords.

You should always remember there may be more than meets the eye when you step foot on a new property. Even though it looks good now, it may have loud neighbours or another kind of disadvantage you’re not familiar with. The best way to avoid any future conflict situations is by simply to know what questions to ask a landlord before renting.

For example, How much is the rent and how does the landlord want to be paid. Some landlords might prefer to check while others may prefer the old-fashioned way of giving money by hand.

Another example: Will there be receipts for every rent paid? According to the landlord tenant act, tenants must receive receipts for every payment made in cash. Landlords must also provide their tenants with receipts for other payments if required. If you find your landlord is not providing you with receipts or is avoiding responsibility in another form, be sure to check this page by Shelter

There are generally no right or wrong questions. However, it’s important to be specific and know what to ask a landlord before renting. Don’t start preparing to move home just after you’ve viewed and liked the property. Refer to the image below to get more familiar with some of the basic and yet so important questions.

Infographic on how to be a smart renter

Now when you know what kind of questions to ask your landlord you safely start packing for moving to your future new home. And be careful not to leave behind one of the things that people tend to forget while moving to a new home.

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