Three Packaging Design Strategies for Food Storage

If we talk about food packaging, what catches our fancy these days is the unique designer package which looks stunning. Food packages are created to attract the attention of the buyers. Food manufacturers meet different kinds of opportunities and challenges, which all contribute in giving an edge over the other competitors. However, packaging design companies along with the food manufacturers join hands to formulate strategies which help in improving not just sales of a product but also help in improving the brand image.

Though there are several packaging design strategies for food storage, a few of them are quite useful and functional. If companies use such strategies, it is possible to preserve food for a long duration of time. The quality of the food remains intact and the food retains its flavour.

Let us understand the different food strategies, which help in improving sales, preserve the packaged food and improves its brand image.

Simplicity Helps:

Food packages which are meant for keeping food in good condition should be simple. Manufacturers believe in ‘less is more’ which means that as long as your packaging is simple, it is good. No one likes complex packages of several layers. How does it feel, if you need to unwrap layers of plastic or packaging material before you have access to your pantry. During times of hunger, it always helps to keep the packaging simple.  This also means that your packaging should be of few colours, less designing frills and use of simple images. Such kind of packages will look good, they will keep your food fresh and in perfect condition for a long time.

Though simple packaging is quite recommended, it might not be quite suitable for all people. It is good to have an artistic package too but remember it is only for a few specific industries. In the wine industry packages, stunning images are used to attract the attention of the buyers. If such attractive designs are not created, it might not attract the fantasy of the buyer.

Complete Protection:

The primary objective of food storage is the protection of the packaged product. Thus, no matter what kind of packaging you choose to have, it should not compromise on the protective aspect. You might choose a product for packing cookies, your main objective should be to ensure that the product stays crispy and doesn’t lose its flavour or freshness. This is possible only when there is the complete protection of the contents.

Functional Packaging:

These days’ consumers always look forward to something extra. The package should just be for holding a product or for storing it.  Consumers wish to have something extra or just a step further. Keeping in mind such requirements, today manufacturers design packages which have additional functionalities. This might include a unique pouring mechanism or the package might just get converted to a food tray. There are several packages which are available with unique time-tested features like self-sealing function.

If you are designing packaging for food products, you need to ensure you are using high-quality material which helps in keeping your food in perfect condition.


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