17 Genius Packing Hacks That’ll Make Moving To A New Home Easier

Moving out of your current home and into a new place can be one of those experiences that feel so overwhelming, that falling onto the couch and closing your eyes and hoping everything will pack itself seems like the most realistic option.

Unfortunately, the boxes won’t pack themselves, but with a few of these genius packing hacks under your belt, you’ll be out of your old place and into the new one faster than you think, and if done right, the transition will be smooth and stress-free.

You don’t have to work for a top real estate brokerage, be a professional real estate agent or organizer to understand the complexities of moving from one property to the next. And although it is complex and can involve many steps, using these 17 genius hacks will help you before, during and after your move.

Before You Move Out

There are a few things you can do before you even break out the packing boxes that will make this whole process a lot easier:

relocation checklist
#1. The less you have, the less you have to pack. Go through each room and take inventory of the things you really must keep and things that could make someone else happy via the donation pile. Clothes you never wear, movies you don’t watch, and furniture you don’t use can all be donated to the Salvation Army (and you can write it off for a tax deduction!) To make packing up the kitchen easier, plan your meals for the last week in your old place based around the food you already have, so you’re not moving tons of canned veggies or half-opened boxes of pasta.

#2. Once you’ve moved your heavy furniture out, take the dents out of the carpet by lining ice cubes along the marks in the floor, letting them melt, and using a spoon to lift the fibres back up. Viola! It’s like the dents were never there.

#3. If the carpets are stained, use a 1:2 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and water and spray on the stains. Let it sit for a minute or two and scrub with the scrub brush

Packing and Moving

#4. Ask for gently used boxes from grocery stores or retail stores instead of buying your own. Or, you can use laundry baskets, trashcans and luggage to transport all of your things.

#5. While your clothes are still hanging up in the closet, place them in a trash bag and tie around the hanger. This keeps all of the clothes on the hangers and keeps them together so you can easily hang them right back up in your new closet

#6. Use different coloured packing tape to distinguish what boxes go where. Red tape could be used for all boxes going to the kitchen, yellow for the bathroom, etc. Label the all four sides of the boxes with their contents so you can see what is in each box even when they are stacked on top of each other.

#7. Use big kitchen pots to carry spices, dishrags and other small kitchen appliances.

#8. Put knives inside of oven mitts so nobody slices themselves during the unpacking stage

#9. Use an egg carton to keep jewellery organized and keep necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled

#10. Use a box cutter to create handles in your boxes for easier transport

#11. When packing boxes, put the heaviest stuff on the bottom to prevent it from toppling over.

boxes used to store items when moving house


#12. Unpack your boxes by room to save you multiple trips back and forth

#13. Keep cleaning supplies in a box that is easy to get to and can be unpacked first.

#14. Unpack the kitchen first, since you’ll be using that room the most. Then do your bedroom so you have somewhere to sleep after a long day of moving.

#15. When it comes to artwork and pictures, don’t let pieces lay around for weeks because you “can’t decide” where to put it. That just creates more clutter. Hang the piece, and if you change your mind, you can move it

#16. Ask for help. Unpacking and getting situated in a new place can seem overwhelming, but offer to buy some friends pizza and beer and you can knock out a lot of unpacking with a few extra sets of hands

#17. Get rid of the empty boxes as you go. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to organize your new space while navigating through an obstacle course of empty boxes. Take them to the recycling bin, or give them to someone who may need them for an upcoming move.

Moving to a new place means a fresh start and new beginnings, and by implementing some of these tips, you can make the transition as seamless as possible. If you own a solid unit like the VW-T Volkswagen campervan, you’re on you way to success.

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