Moving With Children: 10 Must Read Tips To Make Your Kids’ Relocation Go Smooth

moving with children

A baby ready for the move. Image source: David Goehring / Flickr

Moving house is hard, but nothing is harder than having to tell your son or daughter they’d have to leave their room for reasons only you understand. Watch as how their facial expression changes while the thought of leaving their beloved room sinks in. There is no way around this, but there are a few things you can do to make sure moving with children goes as smoothly as possible.

The first in the list is:

1. Let Them Know As Early As Possible

Children need time to adjust to the thought of moving. Telling them early is important, especially if this is your kids’ first move. Don’t put off until the last moment when a man with van appears and they find out like this. Instead, as soon as you know the exact moving date, gather your family and share the news.

The sooner, the better.

Use a light tone of expression. Don’t overact in attempts to make this move sound like a wonderful event. Just be calm, talk with confidence and use the right words. The way you portray the situation will set the tone for later on.

2. Communicate With Your Children

child parent moving communication

Talk with your kid about the move.

There’s a high chance your children will react in a negative way to the given situation. Relocation might make them feel as though they have no control over their life. They may feel it’s forced upon them.

  • Ask them how they feel, show them you care. It’s easy for a kid to feel lonely at a time like this. All your attention and efforts will be concentrated on packing items and finding the best moving company possible.
  • Make time for your children and answer all their questions. Tell them it’s perfectly normal to feel insecure in this situation.
  • Assure them things will be better. Always be there for them and keep the communication going.

3. Involve Children in Your Move As Much As Possible

Show them the new house and the new neighbourhood before moving to it. Ask them what new wallpapers they’d like in their room. Give them several boxes and ask them to pack their own room. Label boxes together. Try to make it a game for them.

For example, the box with the prettiest label wins a chocolate bar. Or ask your kid to pick colours for colour coding all your rooms. Involving your kids in your move will strengthen your sibling-parent relationship. If you feel preparations for the relocation will slow down and you can always hire professional packing services. Just another option to keep in mind.

4. Load Their Items Last In The Moving Van

kid room moving

A child’s room is its castle. Image source: amy gizienski / Flickr

So they’d be the first boxes you unload. This also means you should pack their room last, maybe about a day before your move starts. This still depends on the number of items in the child’s room. Ensuring your children comfort is the first thing you need to do once you step foot in your new home.

You need not unpack their entire room the very first night. Unpack just the most important items such as a bed, bedsheets, and entertainment items such as toys and colouring books. Once the children’s room is taken care of, you can unpack the rest of your house.

5. Arrange a Sitter For The Moving Day If Possible

Children have no place in the house when all the boxes and furniture are being moved. That’s why it’s better if they stayed with someone until the house move is complete and you have finally settled into your new home. If that is not an option ask them to help you out by giving them small tasks.

For example, ask them to go through all rooms and check whether all boxes are moved.

6. Promise Them a Treat Once You Get At The New House

boy treat moving

Kids love being surprised and receiving treats.

That way you’d give them something to look forward to at the end of the move. It doesn’t matter how unhealthy the snack is. What matters is your child’s comfort and well being. Besides, you don’t move house that often, do you?

7. Stay Positive in Front of Your Children

Children can easily sense when you’re nervous or anxious. It’s a safe bet they’d felt the same way if they find you’re not looking forward to this house move. That’s why it’s most recommended to do your best and be positive in front of them, even if you don’t feel all that happy. Children need reassurance, so do your best or suffer the consequences!

8. Give Some Of The Moving Boxes To Your Youngsters

Children love playing with boxes. It’s proven they lose interest in a regular toy a lot faster compared to a box. The reason being, a box can be used in many ways while a regular toy is designed for one purpose only. So, here’s your chance to make this house move an adventure rather than an unpleasant event. Give your kids a couple of boxes to play with before the moving day comes. Give them some more boxes when your move is finally over. The internet is full of articles and picture collections of cardboard crafts. One quick search on Pinterest can be enough to make a difference for the little rascal.

9. Say Goodbye

The night before the movers come to pick up all your boxes, gather around and have dinner. Ask your kids to share some of the most precious moments they’ve had in this house. Share some of your favourite memories as well. Another good idea might be to have a “See you soon party”. That way you can exchange contacts with other parents. Your children will also have the chance to meet their little friends for the last time before moving. US experts A1 Transport advice writing physical addresses of friends so youngsters can send and receive letters.

Kiddie Items To Include In First Night Box

  • Entertainment items such as some of their favourite toys and colouring books. If your child has a favourite cartoon show, he watches regularly, be sure to connect your TV set the very first night.
  • Pyjamas + stuffed toy. Some youngsters can’t sleep without hugging their teddy bear. So don’t forget that
  • Bedding sheets
  • Blankets
  • Toothbrush
  • Some clothes and underwear

10. Final Precautions

Although collision technology is crucial for travelling, safety on board the final ride is an absolute must. Youngsters will also be likely to feel frightened for the first few nights at your new home. Show your kids the way from their bedroom to your room. That way, if they need you in the middle of the night, they won’t get disoriented.

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  1. Sarah P. says:

    That tip on giving boxes to your kids worked like a charm. Me and my family recently moved and needless to say our son and daughter were not thrilled at all. Our son is eight and our daughter is five, you can imagine how irritated kids can be at such a young age. When we finally unpacked everything we gave them some of the boxes to play with. At first I was sceptic, but I guess children have their own way with imagination. They started colouring and drawing on the boxes and there was laughter in our home once again. Great tip, thanks for sharing!

  2. Catherine says:

    I made a Pinterest account just to browse more and more cardboard art photos. Thanks for the great tips, I’m moving house next week and my son really needs something to cheer him up. I’m guessing several moving boxes and a pack of new crayons will do a nice job at that.

  3. Carl says:

    I think you should invest in some visual content in addition to your blog posts. I mean an infographic is a lot easier and faster to read. That infographic you’ve published on reasons why people sell their homes was nice. Do more posts of this sort.

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