Moving out to the North West? It’s one of the Hottest Regions for Investments right now.

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The North West has recently overshadowed fellow northern areas by being deemed one of the most profitable locations for investment and relocation.

Made up of five counties including Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside, Liverpool and Manchester are perhaps considered the biggest players when it comes to investment. Low property prices and high net rental yields offer the most hope for north-west investments and are proving popular with in-house and overseas investors. Regardless if you’re in for moving to a new home or you’re in for commercial removals, Best Move is here to help.


Liverpool’s success is widely recognised throughout the UK and the world, and it’s no surprise that investors are putting their money into developments across the city. If moving to Liverpool – get in touch with us for a quote.

A prevalent lack of supply of housing is met with a flourishing population, presenting the chance to manipulate these unique circumstances by investing in exceedingly demanded property. On top of this, tenants are prepared to pay high monthly rental rates to live in the city.

A heavy portion of the city centre’s population is between the youthful ages of 17 and 29, made up of students, postgraduates, and young professionals. These modern-day residents require luxury accommodation with a wealth of top-quality amenities available in central areas of the city close to work and university. It’s plain for investors to see that an investment in a residential development will benefit from young tenants planning to stay in the city for as long as possible, whilst a reliable flow of students to the area assures those attracted to student projects.

According to The House Shop, due to an undersupply of housing, prices have been creeping up year on year by 7%. Although this isn’t great for first-time property buyers, it’s great for investors. An investment today can look forward to maximum capital appreciation in the long-run due to 22.8% price growth.

The average NET rental return for Liverpool property was 8% in 2017 and is expected to stay constant throughout 2018. This figure is substantially higher than areas further south like London that is reaching just 2-3%.

Liverpool is currently receiving masses of regeneration and is considered the best performing city outside of London in terms of economic growth. Billions of pounds are being thrown at Liverpool in order to enhance its existing strengths and give it a new lease of life for the future. The property market is benefiting from the copious amounts of rejuvenation as the city prospers, attracting new tenants to freshly designed developments that increase in value due to their placement in a world-renowned location.


Manchester is a city on every investor’s radar, although it is particularly popular with both foreign investors and people from within the country. Named the next financial capital outside of London, it’s a leader in the Northern Powerhouse concept and a city that helps define what the north is all about. If moving to Manchester – get in touch with us for a quote.

The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Salford University see a combined total of 100,000 students needing accommodation in the city centre.

High student numbers assure a secure investment for anyone thinking about purchasing a student property, as tenant demand is constant and likely to grow. That’s why startups like Property Moose are reshaping the way housing works. Aside from the exceptional educational facilities on offer, Manchester boasts a lively nightlife, quirky café culture and extensive shopping scene that provides students with a quality living experience whilst studying.

Vast regeneration has taken hold across the city centre and Salford area, creating employment opportunities galore. The £650 million MediaCityUK in Salford Quays has produced thousands of jobs in the digital and media sector alone, leaving professionals demanding nearby residential accommodation of a high-quality and modern standard. The central location of the city within proximity to other major regions makes it an ideal base for workers who must commute to offices all over the UK.

Manchester was voted third for property price growth, with a 34% recorded growth rate from 2009. A buy to let investment in the city is worthwhile with these figures in mind, predicting a very profitable future for both student and residential investments that are inexpensive to buy in the short-term.

Similarly to Liverpool, Manchester outperforms London when it comes to rental returns. The average NET rental yields in Manchester are 6.73% and in Salford, it’s slightly lower at 6.68%. Investors can’t resist the more you get for your money and are moving away from investments in London and the south in general in favour of a venture further up north.

For more information on buy to let investment opportunities, contact RWinvest, specialising in buy to let residential and student property investments throughout Liverpool, Manchester and London.

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