Moving Day Advice for First Time Homeowners

So, moving day has finally arrived. This is always an incredibly exciting day and especially for first-time homeowners, but it can also be a stressful time that can feel out of control and chaotic. Like many areas of life, the key to success is preparation. Here is some helpful advice that can help the day to go smoothly and ensure that you quickly feel settled in your new abode.

Early Preparation

Buying a house and moving in can take a long time, so you should have plenty of time to get prepared for the big day. Make sure that you have decluttered your current property and itemise everything that needs moving. If the clean up is too hefty, you can always book our professional end of tenancy service. You should also come up with a moving day strategy well in advance – this includes hiring a removals company like Best Move, planning your packing or enlisting friends to help you move. Consider creating a moving binder to keep all of your details organized, such as an address change checklist, colour-coded room index and box inventory.

Friends can be incredibly handy on moving day and make it physically less demanding and can help with practical issues like looking after a pet or child. But in case you want to take preparation further,  we would recommend looking in what moving experts have to say for it’s know-how from people with experience which is best. 


When packing up your boxes, try to keep them organised and label each box. You will quickly want to be able to find certain possessions when you move in, but this can be challenging if you do not have everything labelled. This also helps you to identify any fragile boxes which need to be handled with care. A good idea can be to colour code these boxes to make it a lot easier to identify specific items.

Packing Up

Much like when you go to the supermarket and put all the heavy food at the bottom of the bag, you should do similar when loading up to move. It’s also worth planning what boxes need to be near the front and most accessible, as unpacking everything can take a while so if you’re more likely to need some items urgently they should be arranged in the van this way. Otherwise, you can end up wasting extra time moving boxes around and with the potential for a few broken items.

Identify Potential Problems

Moving day will always throw up a few logistical challenges, so try to identify these in advance and figure out how you can overcome them. New build homes, for example, may have staircases which could make carrying heavy items particularly difficult. Be sure to measure the door frames and furniture and have a few strong helpers ready for these tricky situations. Where possible, get as good an idea about the layout and important dimensions beforehand. This can help inform you of any items of furniture that won’t easily fit in and can be left in storage until a solution is figured out.

Moving Day Bag

Have a bag full of essentials for the day – this should include food and drink (moving is thirsty work!), a change of clothes, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and garbage bags.  You are unlikely to have much time to make any food, so make a few sandwiches in advance or pop to the local shops. The last thing you will want to do is cook once the move is done, so consider treating yourself a takeaway!

Leave Some Items Behind

Again, this is something you should plan in advance, as there’s no point moving into your new home with furniture, clothes or other items that you’re going to instantly want rid of. Knowing this beforehand avoids such an issue and means you can either donate or sell such items in advance. You don’t want to leave any large items behind either, as in some cases you can get charged.  


With so much happening on moving day and many people coming and going, it is all too easy to neglect safety. Always lock windows and doors when leaving one of the properties and never leave your possessions alone out on the street. Find a safe place to store valuables and make sure you have insurance in place for key items. Be careful when moving boxes too, taking the proper approach of bending your knees when lifting and not overloading yourself, as you don’t want to spend your first night in your new home in pain.

Setting Up

Moving day is exhausting, so you will not feel like doing a huge amount once everything has been moved in and everyone has gone. Make sure that you set your bed up first as you will want a good night’s sleep and leave the rest until the next day so that you can unwind and enjoy your new home. Prioritise a few other things, such as the TV and sofa so you can have a little time to relax as well before you spend the next few days properly sorting everything else out.

This advice should alleviate some of the stress and ensure that the day goes off without a hitch. It will always feel stressful, but it is also an incredibly exciting time and the start of a new chapter in your life.

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