Where in London Should You Live – A Guide to Several London Areas

While there aren’t many things in life that can both excite and frighten us, moving to a new place is definitely high on the list. Because relocation is not the simple act of carrying your heavy weighted possessions from point A to point B. You’ll also need to spend an excruciating amount of time to pick a neighbourhood that will fit your needs, passions, and budget just right. But how are you supposed to choose between the 32 boroughs of one of the world’s largest capitals? Well, to help you solve the “where should I live in London” conundrum, we’ve listed a few areas that are sure to peak your interest. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Dalston – Every Party-goer’s Paradise

During the day, the London borough of Dalston looks just like any other. Locals gather in crowds to browse the many stalls at Broadway Market and Ridley Road Market. The parks are filled with moms pushing baby strollers and with serious-looking businessmen who just grabbed their lunch. Tourists swarm every gallery and museum you can find. But come night-time, the empty streets become illuminated by the cheerful glow of its countless underground bars and clubs. So if you’re looking where to live in London and you’re fond of wild parties and unforgettable experiences, then East London Dalston has you covered.
Let’s start with the star of the show – the Dalston Superstore. Situated in a large basement below a series of shops, cafés, and galleries, it’s flashing bright lights, entertaining DJs, and fancy cocktails are sure to keep you occupied ’till sunrise. But you don’t have to be a party animal to enjoy this part of town. For example, you can go out for a romantic evening at Ruby’s – a cosy bar whose dimmed lights and charming 1940s interior will make you feel as though you’re in an old gangster film. And if you’re into some good RnB and Jazz tunes, we heartily recommend The Dalston Jazz Bar. However, be advised that renting costs are currently 8% above the London average, so make sure to act fast!

Clapham – Recommended for Food Connoisseurs


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Alright, so wild parties may not be exactly your thing. In fact, you’re more of a food person. So, with that in mind, where in London should you live? Well, as long as money isn’t a problem, we can safely conclude that the South London of Clapham has everything you’re looking for. But take a good look at the London map before you decide to move in, as this area happens to occupy two boroughs. For instance, while Clapham Common and Clapham Old Town are located in the borough of Lambeth, Clapham Junction is within Wandsworth’s jurisdiction. To avoid the confusion, we’ll start with Clapham Common.

Ah, Clapham Common – there’s nothing more relaxing than exploring its 200 acres of green space, numerous ponds, and its famous Victorian bandstand. However, you’re much more likely to get sidetracked by the endless rows of coffee shops, restaurants, and snack bars nearby! We don’t blame you – it’s hard to resist The Rookery’s metro style tiling and mouth-watering British cuisine. Or The Black Lab’s fragrant coffee that will make you order a second cup. If you happen to be in Clapham Junction, you’re in “trouble”, too – if Franco Manca’s delicious wood-fired oven pizza doesn’t get to you, you’re sure to fall victim to The Breakfast Club’s 50s décor and amazing cuisine. And if you’ve ever wondered how Caribbean food tastes like, then pay Brixton Market a visit.

Islington – Every Shopaholic’s Dream Come True


Angel, Islington. Image credit: Wikipedia

With so much interesting places to visit, such as the one and only London Canal Museum or the retro-style Screen on the Green cinema, it’s no wonder that Douglas Adams used the Islington borough as a setting for his The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But if you’re never leaving your home without your favourite shopping bag, then Islington will offer you way more than that. Sounds great, right? Well, there’s only one inconvenience – you’ll need a pretty bulky wallet if you wish to be a-ok with your landlord. We feel, however, that your investment if you move to Islington will be well worth it. And here’s why.

From your big-sized popcorn to the latest clothing and jewelry trends, the local Angel Shopping Centre has something for everyone. But what if you need to stock up on your latest art project? Then the stylish Cass Art and Loop independent shops on Islington High Street are just the thing you need! To hunt for antiques, head over to Camden Passage – one of the oldest antique markets in London whose wooden stalls, coffee shops, and little boutique stores still reflect the capital’s colourful past. And if you’re really itching to try organic veggies or poultry, then stop by the Islington Farmers’ Market.

Hillingdon – Ideal for Sportsmen and Strollers Alike

Do you really, really love parks? Because that’s what you’ll get when you set foot in London’s second largest borough. Located in West London, Hillingdon is also the best place to start a new sport or to resume it from where you left off – seven non-league football clubs, a rowing club, and an angling club are just some of the options at your disposal. And even though we can’t really say that it’s the cheapest place to live in London, it’s relatively easy to find a decently priced rent. Just think well before deciding to buy a house, as last year saw prices rise by a whopping 14.4%!

In no other borough will you find more parks per square metre than in Hillingdon. And 24 of those have even earned The Green Flag – the highest award that can ever be bestowed to any green space in any given town or country. Thus, even the most die-hard strollers will find themselves constantly occupied as they explore the 1,342 acres of pure green bliss. Sports fans won’t get bored, either – Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex, for example, offers a 400m running track and a swimming pool, among other things. Queensmead Sports Centre, on the other hand, has floodlit netball courts and houses a 90 station gym that takes up two floors.

Waltham Forest – Artist’s Delight

Are you searching for the cheapest place to rent in London? Then allow us to bring the North London area of Waltham Forest to your attention. Besides hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics, sporting the largest bakery in Europe, and being the birthplace of Alfred Hitchcock, this borough is also regarded as the mecca of the Arts and Crafts Movement. In other words, it is the perfect place to live in if you’re a passionate artist or an art connoisseur.

Move to Waltham Forest

Image credit: Spudgun67 / Wikipedia

And what better place to start than with the William Morris Gallery? Once you enter the premises, you’re guaranteed to lose track of time as you peruse the unique Georgian tapestry, furnishing, architrave windows, and timber porch. Wish to know the local art scene better? The Vestry House Museum and its fancy Bremer Car, fully furnished Victorian parlour, and a staggering collection of 80,000 historic photographs will help fill in the blanks. Looking for an opportunity to show off your work instead? Then join the annual E17 Art Trail – promoting anything from dancing, music, and painting to puppetry and sculpture, it’s the largest art event you’ll find in the borough.

In Conclusion

As you can probably gather from the above, it’s important to not only find a place to live in, but to also avoid feeling out of place when you finally get there. So, when you’re trying to figure out where to live close to London or within the sprawling metropolis itself, you’ll always need to stay true to your heart… And to your wallet, never forget about your wallet!

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