How to Relocate Your Furniture Without Scratching the Surface

bed for relocation
Moving home can be stressful! First of all, there’s everything that comes before your moving date; finding a property, funding a property and confirming a property. Then come the moving preparation and the endless amounts of brown boxes stacked in every corner of your property.

After preparing for your house move it’s the long-awaiting moving date. All of your beloved possessions and belongings need to be transported to your new home; that could be just down the street, across town or long-distance.

No matter the distance between your current and new residence, getting all of your belonging and furniture from one place to another without damage can often be an arduous task. With Best Move’s Domestic Removals and Packing Services, you can guarantee that your furniture is safe during transit. However, how can you ensure that your furniture remains unscratched while unpacking and create your dream room layout?

Don’t do it alone

Over the years we’ve seen many cases where people have made the mistake of trying to move heavy and expensive furniture alone. When relocating any item of furniture, it’s always much easier to enlist the help of a family member or friend.

The extra resource will allow you to maneuverer furniture much more easily and without bashing or scraping against the walls, floors and door frames; damaging both the property and your furniture.

Providers of luxury beds and painted bedroom furniture, Revival Beds are a great example of a company who appreciate the importance of teamwork when it comes to moving furniture. When Revival Beds deliver any bed or furniture to your home, they always send two members of staff to ensure that the product is delivered safely and no damage occurs.

Furniture sliders and gliders

Even if you’ve made sure your items are wrapped and protected from any damage, it’s always a good idea to use furniture sliders when moving furniture. The experts at Glacier Vehicles share that furniture sliders (or gliders as they’re also called) are available to buy online, are fairly cost-effective, and do an amasing job when it comes to loading heavy units, regardless if furnishing or appliances. Sliders are small pads that sit under the furniture legs, often made of plastic, felt or rubber. With sliders underneath the legs of your load, you should be able to easily slide the item across the floor without damaging either the furniture or the floor.

Furniture sliders are a great solution for moving most furniture, as well as other hardware appliances.

Caution is key

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving into a new property, and because of this many people often forget the one golden rule; take care! When moving furniture, it’s vital to take your time and be cautious to avoid damaging your furniture, your property and most importantly, yourself.

Using proper lifting techniques when picking up your furniture will help you maintain control of the item and ensure you don’t put too much strain on your body. Move furniture slowly and take regular intervals to make sure that nothing is being scratched or damaged. Although it may be tempting to proceed with haste to get into your furniture into your new property, you need to remember the possible consequences if you rush this.

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