13 Killer Moving House Tips

If there’s a synonym for the word “stress” then that would be “moving house”. However relocation doesn’t have to be nerve wrecking and money consuming. All you need is good preparation and time. Refer to this list of tips the next time you relocate house and don’t let stress get the best of you.

Boxes for moving.

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1. Move During The Week If Possible

According to different sources, weekends and especially Fridays are the busiest when it comes to moving house. Traffic is bad and relocation companies have their hands full. It would be even harder to find a good moving company if you call on a short notice. Besides, most moving companies charge extra during holidays. Do you really want that?

2. Take Time to Research a Moving Company

If you’ve decided to use one, that is. Simple searching in Google alone is not enough to find a reliable man with a van. You have to read forums and check for accurate customer opinions. It might turn out a specific company is on the first page, but still fails to deliver outstanding services. If you don’t trust the internet, just ask friends and colleagues to recommend a removals firm. Advice from personal experience is always best.

3. Pack Your Items Properly

One of the most crucial moving house tips. Take some time off and start to pack as early as possible. 2 months prior to your move, for example. Remember, putting a bunch of items in a box is not the right way to pack your items. You have to supply yourself with plenty of boxes of different sizes, quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape and use plenty of padding when packing breakables. Boxes can either be obtained for free or bought from the moving company you’re using. The advantage of using company boxes is the higher quality of the materials.

4. Declutter Your Home

You would be surprised how many items you’ve collected over the years. By getting rid of the ones you no longer need, you’d have less to pack and more free time to take care of other important aspects of your move. How to tell if you no longer require a specific item? Just remember this unwritten rule: if you haven’t used an item for over a year, you probably don’t need it. Family photos and important documents are an exception. Always cherish those.

5. Arrange Parking Space

One of the most neglected moving house tips. London is full of parking zones, no matter what area you live in. For some reason many people think moving companies are the ones who should arrange parking space. The reality is, it’s the clients’ responsibility and always has been. So, if you haven’t already, call your council and let them know of your move. Or ask your neighbour to spare a parking permit.

6. Clean Before You Move Out

Clean as you pack. For example, clean your living room after you’ve packed all the items which belonged to that room. You also have to clean the space behind large pieces of furniture such as cupboards and refrigerators. Some landlords will use this in your disadvantage, so try not to forget it. You can either clean your lodging yourself or hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. As a matter of fact some moving companies, such as ours, offer end of tenancy cleaning in addition to our standard set of moving services. It doesn’t matter what option you chose. What matters is getting your deposit back. So on to the next moving tip…

7. Defrost Your Freezer

It is important that this specific device is completely dry before starting the move. Otherwise melting ice might start to leak in the moving van while being transported. Unplug your freezer at least a day before moving day comes. After that use a dry towel to soak up all the water. For more information on how to pack and move a fridge see this video

or just leave it to your movers.

8. Leave Your Children At a Sitter During the Move

Children of all ages, especially toddlers, can get really cranky when moving house. The best solution for both you and your kids is to leave them at your mother’s or a sitter until your house move is complete. Got any pets? If the answer is positive then you might want to find a suitable pet motel as well. This tip should be only be followed when you’re moving within the same city or area.

9. Let All Your Close Ones Know Of Your Move

If this were some 10 years ago you’d have to send letters to a bunch of people. But since this is the age of the internet, all you need to do is write one letter and send it to many people at once. A simple social media update is ever quicker.

10. Fill in Change of Address Document

There are several ways to do this depending on the area you live in. Check with your local borough website for more details.

11. Notify Important Institutions

One of the most important, and for some reason, often overlooked moving house tip. Get in touch with your utility service providers and let them know of your move. Arrange an exact date when to shut off your utility supply. Otherwise you’d have to pay bills for a home you no longer live and you wouldn’t even be aware of it until a huge bill has mounted up.
Don’t forget to notify your bank, employer, dentist, doctor and ect.

12. Have Extra Money

Not many people give you this tip, but it will help you keep your peace of mind when moving. You might think you’ve got all the aspects of your move covered, but unexpected expenditures can always occur. For example you might need to put some of your items in storage for a short period of time. Or you might need to order pizza for your first night at your new home. Finding a new internet provider will definitely involve spending some money. What ever the case might be, have some extra money stashed away.

13. Prepare a Back Up Plan

Things don’t have to go wrong, but if they do you need to be prepared. What if your move takes longer than expected? What if you need to leave some of your items in storage? What if your mother is not available to look after your kids? Remember the last time you moved and the mistakes you made then. This will help you not to repeat them.

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  1. John Henry says:

    I must agree that weekends are the worst possible time to move. I last moved home over a year ago. The move was scheduled for Friday, but it later got postponed to Saturday. It was hell. Traffic was horrible and the moving company charged us extra because we moved on a weekend. Our move took longer too, because of the traffic. Simply said I made a lot of mistakes then which I won’t make again. I’ll use your blog post too, thanks for posting.

  2. Frank J. says:

    Extra money is a tip I can relate to. I moved to a house of my own about a year ago. Needless to say it needed new wallpapers, curtains, not to mention a kitchen. I had some savings which I used to take care of the most basic stuff. I saved up for a new kitchen later on. My point is this: even if you’re moving into a rented house you will most probably need to have extra money. Finding a new internet provider is a good reason why.

  3. Alex says:

    I personally think the best moving company is the one recommended by a close friend. Nothing like personal experience to give you a good idea of who you can actually trust.

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