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April 23rd, 2021
Without sounding too negative, moving your home or boiler can be a difficult and stressful task, especially to a new build. Maybe you want to sell and take belongings with you? But you can make it a lot easier by considering the factors that affect how easy or difficult it is for trained professionals to move your boiler.  So, below ...

How to Tell Staff You Are Moving Office

January 22nd, 2021
At the Best Moving Company, we know that switching offices is an event that entails several challenges and processes related to planning, timely organisation, and internal and external logistics synchronisation.  And whatever the reasons for a professional office move – for example, you need more space, the rent has increased or your business needs commercial relocation because of new ...

Buying a New Build: A Definitive Checklist For Homeowners

December 21st, 2020
With more housing developments appearing all over the country, many buyers are opting to buy a new build when moving house. A popular option for first-time buyers especially, new builds come with the appeal of starting out from scratch and putting your own stamp on things.  (more…)

What To Do When Moving With Your Dog

July 23rd, 2020
Moving house can be rough, especially with a pup around. Not only for you with organising everything and making sure nothing gets left behind. But also, for your fluffy four-legged friend.  (more…)

Moving fast: What tenant rights when the landlord wants to sell the property

August 8th, 2019
Imagine this: You live peacefully in your rental property and you made it feel like home – cosy and secure. But one day, this happy idyll is ruined by the news that your landlord is about to sell the rental property. Oh, no! But how will this affect you? (more…)

Comprehensive House Moving Tips – Day-by-Day Checklist

May 14th, 2019
Moving house doesn’t need to be a stressful affair. If you pre-plan and organise everything well in advance, there is every chance that you might see the exciting side of the process. Think new opportunities and change rather than seeing the move as a hassle or feeling an emotional strain. Start preparing early, a couple of months beforehand, and ...

Tenant Checklist for Moving into a Rented Home

April 24th, 2019
Whether you are a first-time renter or an expert on tenancy agreements, you are likely to run into situations that could catch you off-guard. From understanding your rights as a tenant to knowing what to expect when you first move in, there is plenty to prepare for. (more…)

How to Move Your Mattress

January 10th, 2019
Buying a new mattress is a great idea for the quality of your sleep and your overall health, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy task to undertake. There are plenty of tools online that can help you find the best mattress for your needs, but there are fewer resources explaining how to move your old mattress ...

Employment Law and Moving to a New Office

November 16th, 2018
Moving office can be a stressful undertaking. Not only do you have to worry about moving furniture, equipment, server and more, you also have to worry about the legal repercussions of relocating. There are many reasons an employer might be thinking about relocating. One of such reasons is an economic downturn. To save on bills and other costs related to ...

How to Relocate Your Furniture Without Scratching the Surface

September 10th, 2018
Moving home can be stressful! First of all, there’s everything that comes before your moving date; finding a property, funding a property and confirming a property. Then come the moving preparation and the endless amounts of brown boxes stacked in every corner of your property. (more…)